Do you think World War Z 2013 is a horror movie?

The script by Matthew Michael Carnahan is built on the 2006 novel of the similar name by Max Brooks. The film actors Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a superannuated United Nations employee who necessity travel the biosphere to find a way to halt a zombie-like epidemic.
Pitt’s Plan B Entertaining secured the film privileges in 2007 and Forster was approached to straight. In 2009, Carnahan was hired to revision the script to the film. Recording instigated in July 2011 in Malta on a measured $125 million cheap, before poignant to Glasgow in August 2011 and Budapest in October 2011. First set for a December 2012 announcement, the manufacture suffered some hindrances. In June 2012, the film’s issue date was pushed back and the team returned to Budapest for seven weeks of extra shooting. Damon Lindelof was borrowed to rewrite the third performance, but did not have the period to finish the writing and Drew Goddard was hired to revision it. The reshoots took home between September and October 2012.

Do you think World War Z 2013 is a horror movie?

World War Z premiered in London on June 2, 2013 and was selected to open the 35th Moscow Global Movie Festival. The film was out on June 21, 2013 in the United States in 2D and RealD 3D.
Past United Nations worker Gerry Lane and his domestic sit in weighty traffic in Philadelphia while the radio intelligences on a rabies outbreak that has feast internationally. After earshot explosions they are criticized by masses of automatons. Those bitten are distorted into zombies after 12 instants. As the bouts continue, the Lanes barely escape to a bed-sitter complex, to wait for removal by a airplane sent by Gerry’s previous UN colleague, Thierry Umutoni, the Second-in-command Secretary-General of the United States.

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