Bay 9 Reports that Lavoie Might be Found Guilty

Charges have been filed by Federal Prosecutors against a Flight Express pilot. The basis of these charges lies in the fact that the pilot’s blood alcohol level was said to transcend normal and legal readings or levels by six times.

The Pilot was designated as Philip Yves Lavoie. He is 28 years of age and is currently facing charges for launching forth and continuing with responsibilities of operating a normal or common carrier while under the spell or effect of alcohol. The stunning and appalling detail here lies in the fact that he could be facing a prison sentence that stretches over a period of 15 years.

Bay 9 Reports that Lavoie Might be Found Guilty

On Dec. 8, the Pilot Philip Yves was headed towards Tampa International Airport located in the South but his plane started to lose altitude over South Carolina when he lost all communications between  controllers of air traffic and his Cessna 210.

Two Fighter Jets were dispatched by the Tyndall Air Force situated in Panama City upon there being notified of the situation by the Federal Aviation Administration. However, despite this, the plane was still able to land safely at the site of Tampa International Airport.

More than two hours after the flight had been done with; Philip’s blood alcohol level was at a level of .27 percent according to the Prosecutors. This is still.04 percent above the legal and allowable limit as established and set by the Federal Aviation Administration on part of pilots.

The Tampa Bay Times, which is also the coverage partner for Bay News 9, said that according to Lavoie’s lawyer, the pilot drank prior to his departure from Tampa. He then flew to North Carolina where he dropped off some cargo and after refueling was completed on his plane, he started back towards Tampa. Summer Goldman, his lawyer from St. Petersburg had this to say:

“He truly has an alcohol problem, had one, and he’s taking the steps to correct that,” Goldman said, noting that he entered a residential treatment program.

According to records in the Court, Paul Kehle, FAA Flight Inspector was the one, says Times, who intercepted and met the plane upon its landing and then detected the smell of alcohol on Philip when he asked for his flight papers or credentials. Lavoie had “bloodshot and watery eyes” according to Airport Police Officer Terrence Cottman. According to the incident report:

lavoie_BGen_original_Jul_12Lavoie was crying and had the distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his person.”

Lavoie was driven to the Hillsborough County Central Breath Testing along with the Airport Police Officer Terrence Cottman.

However, According to the same report, Lavoie still said that he:

“Wasn’t going to fall for the short guy that was going to get a search warrant.”

nlc006511-v6In 2005, Lavoie was singled out by Police officers for having an open alcohol container in his car and prior to it in the year of 2003 when he was quoted for reckless and irresponsible driving. This was reported by Times after evaluating Lavoie’s driving record.

daniel-lavoie_23668Judgment was postponed and suspended. Lavoie exhibits no prior DUI arrests and in addition to that, he also doesn’t have any Criminal record in the region of Florida. His attorney complained over the issue by saying:

“Just get a misdemeanor DUI not a second-degree felony punishable by 15 years.”

people-daniel-lavoie-2501290Philip Yves Lavoie has been planned to appear before a magistrate judge on the 13th date of the month of June. A US District Judge would carry out a delayed verdict or sentence for Lavoie if the magistrate Judge agrees to accept to a guilty plea.

Lavoie 43535Still the initiation of a Federal case is a rare occurrence indeed. According to Amy Filjons who is a spokeswoman for the US Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of the region of Florida:

“It’s not a commonly used charge.”

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